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Re: Answering Dallas

May 28, 1998 00:33 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Paul, my issue concerned fairness, not authenticity.  Dan raised the
issue concerning authenticity of that particular letter, and I never
disputed it.  I can send you the discussion string if you still don't
have it.

K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Daniel pointed out weeks ago that this was a mistake on JHE's
> part, and that no such questions of authenticity have ever been
> raised about this particular letter.  He then had to repeat this
> a few days later because Jerry was still arguing the subject.  I
> thought at that point it had been laid to rest.  Apparently not.
> So I repeat again, that letter is not among the ones whose
> authenticity is questioned by JOF or anyone else.

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