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Re: Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 22, 1998 07:28 AM
by Annette Rivington

Hi Dallas:
Thanks for the story about HPB and the history stuff.
As usual I can't disagree with your thrust, but you left out Atlantis
and earlier "philosophies", and your method seems to be rooted in linear
time and cause and effect :)

The main difference I perceive with the approach of the majority of list
members and that of people and methods to which I gravitate, is that you
guys rely heavily on books, the recorded filtering and opinion in the
physical of those mostly passed over, and we tend to get messages,
insights, memories and logical conclusions from experiencing connection
with nature, spirits, ourselves travelling in space and time, and from
experiencing the raw energy of life.

It's sort of like the difference between saying either
1.   here's this vast body of evidence, including what appears to be
recountings from extremely knowlegable persons, to prove it must be so
2.  been there, done that and know it is so, and thanks for reminding me

The last time I travelled astrally, I received this message:
"Until you release these preconceived ideas of what should be, you will
not experience what is."
This experience was my struggle, my process and my instruction at this
point to help me understand and move on from the frustration of being
bounded and fearful.
Respectfully I propose that all of HPB's writings were her struggle, her
experiences and her instruction in the same process.
Books say to me: "here's a process that I used, it worked for me, maybe
it could work for you".

I no longer struggle with a pragmatic process of proof, historical
verification, memorization - there simply isn't time.  The process of
comparison, weighing, and common sense happens in a split second whether
I consciously do it or not, and I no longer arrest that process.
Also, when I hear or read something and immediately think, "I know that
already, in some sense", I no longer deny that fact.

It's not that I discount the book learning, discipline training
methods.  It's just that I think they are only parts of a vast battery
of tools we have and this toolbox includes travelling in time and space,
light and deep trance, and talking to trees and animals.

Initially I was egotistical and thought I was moving forward.  Now I
know I am going back to the source and the future.

Can you see it from my perspective too?

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