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Re: Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 22, 1998 06:44 AM
by Annette Rivington

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> libidia <> writes
> >Do the Masters not talk through you, through this list, through stones
> >and trees, in the whisperings of the wind?
> Not too sure about the lists ....
> Alan :0)
> ... and thanks for your kind if double-edged comments!  Puritan -
> HUH!
I continue to read knowing every so often someone will say something
completely intuitive and inspirational that will trigger my memory and
aid my development.  That's why I read books and engage in conversation,
other than just for stroking myself and others and filling in time.
Hence the inclusion of the list....

What double-edges.  Told it like I see it.  I am not a trickster, but
come across as one outside occult type circles.  Not my problem, but
that of others.
Walk bare foot.

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