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Re: Same Objects but.....Yours of April 29th

May 16, 1998 07:36 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 16th 1998

                            RE:  The Astral Plane (April 29th)

Dear Alan:

I've been reviewing the last couple weeks of postings -- this one
on the practice of the 3rd Object of the Theosophical Movement
caught my eye.

The only reason that I saw in that HPB's injunction:  "Look --
don't touch." is that most of us don't know too much about the
Astral plane.

Those who are curious but incautious need to first investigate
what others have reported about its nature.

I found ISIS UNVEILED to be specially revealing.  As a
consequence I do not avoid reading, or thinking about what is
there, -- but, for me I would rather not engage in actual
research as I do not think I have evolved the necessary
"protections."  If and when this is done, then (if there was good
reason to personally investigate and directly perceive) there
would be reason to do that.

But this is only self-evaluation.  Those who have a natural bent
or facility in that direction of subtle perception, or who have
actually been through an NDE -- Near Death Experience --  have to
handle the situation with whatever knowledge and hands-on
experience they have.

What I read in ISIS ( or in Bulwer-Lytton's ZANONI and A STRANGE
STORY) do not encourage me to plunge into what is for me a
fathomless depth.  I see accounts of "reefs," and sunken dangers,
etc... and without a good chart and a "depth-finder" I think it
would be inadvisable for me to go any further.  that's all.

And this sense of caution is what I think HPB is trying to speak

Best wishes,  Dallas


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