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Re: Quick reincarnation Posting of April 29th

May 16, 1998 07:23 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 16th 1998

    Reference:  Your posting of 4/29/98 on DEVACHAN

Dear Lmhem 111 (?)

I was reviewing your list of estimated periods of time for
various types in "Devachan."

As I  understand it the period of stay in Devachan was not
explicitly tabulated, but was entirely based on the nature of the
aspirations and nobility of ideas and practices that an
individual engaged in in his "life."  Is it possible that you
established such a tabulation for an "average" individual ?
Might be a little too rigid ?

The period in Devachan is said to be entirely proportionate to
those noble and generous, unselfish and aspirations of a
brotherly character which the person had during his life..

Whether, Sage, disciple, King, merchant, Scholar, stevedore or
child, the same general rule applies to all.

The devachanic period, is said to be one spent in mental review
and assimilation to the "character" of the aspects of nobler
thoughts we did not get to fully understand or positively
incorporate through meditation and review during our "lives."

It is said that every slightest thought or feeling that relates
to the higher aspects of our lives are never "lost," but are
there reviewed, magnified and adopted for future use by the
Soul/Ego that is undergoing this process under  the light of
Atma-Buddhi (its Higher Self).  At least this is what I got out
of my study.

So the station or work done in life is only relative, as a bad
King might have less time in Devachan than a kindly drunk ! -- to
take absurd contrasts.

Children, especially those who die under the age of 7 (before the
higher Manas is entirely attuned to the growing and maturing
personality of a new "life") are said to have a very short
Devachan, if any, and a quick return -- so too, those who do not
live long enough to generate much in the way of impressions that
would cause them to remain in that blissful subjective state.

Apparently the condition of the "kama-rupa" in the Astral Light,
where it is left to decay and disperse AFTER the spirit/Soul has
left it and entered the condition of Devachan, depends entirely
on the quantitative grossness of its passions and desire-impulses
that were entirely self-directed during life.

It is the residue of the baseness of our character -- the "bad
skandhas" if you please, which are left there to disperse into
Nature, and then on reincarnation, the returning Ego summons them
back to form as a base, the new personality -- and they bring
with them the character and nature of the past, with none of the
memories active (except in a very few cases).  thus at the time
of reincarnation both the "good" and the "bad" karma -- as
skandhas -- are attracted to the returning Devachanee and form
its new physical body, and bring the kind of Karma which it
deserves with them.

The problem with the "kama-rupas" is that they are set adrift in
the Astral Light and it is certainly bad (HPB's Theosophy
teaches) to be contacted by mediums, chanelers, etc. at seances.

The artificial life temporarily granted to them by the desires
and curiosity of the "sitters" is said to be deleterious to their
nature, painful, and prolongs their "tortures" in that condition
where they have been abandoned by the Real Ego.  [ ISIS UNVEILED
and KEY TO THEOSOPHY give explanations of this, also several
articles by HPB on the subject of Devachan and After-death
States.  A list can be provided in you or anyone else is
interested. ].

I hope this may be of help.  I have a collection of quotations
available for any one who would desire to go through them on this
subject.  Let me know.



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