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Re: what we think about the 'second death'

May 14, 1998 02:36 PM
by Mark Kusek wrote:
> Agreed with most of what you write here, apart from the notion that Seers,
> (and Mahatmas and Dugpas), are a Myth.  What do you mean by identity.  The
> drop in the ocean?

You are, of course, free to agree or disagree.
I never said that Seers,(Mahatmas or Dugpas) were myths. But unless you
have had first hand, direct experience with the Theosophical Mahatmas
("generations of ancient Seers" or Dugpas), just what are you basing
your disagreement on?

On the other hand, I have no problem seeing them as archetypes. To me,
they are symbols of unrealized Self.

By identity: I AM THAT I AM, and the silence that proceeds and follows
the utterance.

> > Why do you expect them to be? We can't agree about much and even when we
> > do, it doesn't mean that our views are identical. The trick is to get to
> > the place where its OK to accept and acknowledge the tensions of
> > contradiction. It's yin and yang, as they say.
> Is it the knowledge of good and evil?

What I meant was to get to a point that is conscious of the qualities of
opposites, the force which keeps them both opposed and related, is the
source from which they spring and ultimately resolve back into while
also being their harmony in action.

> They seem strange conclusions from what was being said.  Perhaps these are too?
> *You* interpret what is said with "fear," "doubt,"..... "paper and glue"
> .....and "a fall."  What does this mirror in *you*?  The dust?  Keeping the
> mirror clean can reflect more lasting qualities: charity, harmony, patience,
> beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, Dhyani Buddhas.

If the mirror is clean, why worry about Dugpas?


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