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Re: what we think about the 'second death'

May 13, 1998 04:20 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

In reply to Mark:

> wrote:
>> >Richard Ihle wrote:
>> >
>> > So anyway . . .  my opinion is that I can only take it as a very bad
>> > perhaps even a possible indicator of second death--when individuals
point to a
>> > book rather than their own transcendental natures and call it the
"source" for
>> > their Theosophy.
>> It depends on whether the individuals are pointing to a book, or to the
>> teachings which HPB passes on, teachings Theosophists would say were
>> verified by generations of Seers (those ahead of us), and relaying some of
>> what they see.
>I wouldn't blindly agree with that. That idea is a Theosophical myth. It
>doesn't excuse us from having to build our own bridge and experience the
>mystery of identity for ourselves. Neither does it mean that "Seers"
>(whoever they are) relay experiential data free from the filter of
>personality. Always reading "about" something keeps it ever away from

Agreed with most of what you write here, apart from the notion that Seers,
(and Mahatmas and Dugpas), are a Myth.  What do you mean by identity.  The
drop in the ocean?

>> "their own transcendental nature" sounds good, but folk
>> with quite opposing views claim those views are from their own
>> transcendental natures, views which can't both be "right."
>Why do you expect them to be? We can't agree about much and even when we
>do, it doesn't mean that our views are identical. The trick is to get to
>the place where its OK to accept and acknowledge the tensions of
>contradiction. It's yin and yang, as they say.

Is it the knowledge of good and evil?

>> HPB does write
>> about our evil genius.  This to us might well come over as our
>> transcendental nature.
>> It is understandable that a dugpa would want to please us, pat us on the
>> back, win us over, and offer an environment where people are nicer.  A
>> Master will tell us the truth, and that we might well not like.
>> The Seers, are always checking, comparing what they see, and re-checking,
>> and aren't it seems prepared to just except their transcendental natures.
>It must be difficult to live in such fear.
>Your attitude suggests that you might be willing to give up your ability
>to critically think, trust your own nature, and actually experience what
>is within you, in favor of someone else's authority, experience and a
>whole bunch of paper glued together. You're ripe for a fall.
>Fear and doubt go hand in hand with independant action. If you're
>looking for safety outside yourself, it just means that you don't really
>trust what is within in you. Keep looking.

They seem strange conclusions from what was being said.  Perhaps these are too?
*You* interpret what is said with "fear," "doubt,"..... "paper and glue"
.....and "a fall."  What does this mirror in *you*?  The dust?  Keeping the
mirror clean can reflect more lasting qualities: charity, harmony, patience,
beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, Dhyani Buddhas.


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