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Re: Second death

May 13, 1998 04:20 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Replying to Mark:
>> Tony wrote:
>> The mind is like a mirror, and the cleaner the
>> mind is kept, the clearer/truer it reflects.
>There is no dust, there is no mirror.
>There is nothing to reflect.

>From the Theosophical Viewpoint we are in the 4th round 5th race, which
suggests developing MANAS, and thus to try and clean the mirror, and to then
keep it clean.
No dust, no mirror (i.e., no MIND), and therefore "nothing," comes over as a
selfish state at this stage of the "planets" evolution.  It is something the
Buddha did not chose.  Hence he is known as the Buddha of *compassion*.

Is this what you are suggesting?


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