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Re: Vegetarianism

May 09, 1998 06:51 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>I knew that he tried vegetarianism for a while and found it did
>not agree with his body.  In any case this dietary asceticism
>related to those who wished to refine their physical body
>organism and were under some occult training.  And, in any case,
>if occult success were from the eating of vegetables, then cows,
>horses and elephants would have a good chance !  As I understand
>it, it is not practices adopted 'copy-cat' from "outside
>examples"  that are valuable, but those which we have thought out
>for ourselves and put into effect because we found that there was
>something valuable there for us to do or follow.
>Best wishes,                Dallas


You made my day.

Long live common sense and first hand knowledge.


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