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Bullies and Tyrants

May 09, 1998 08:22 AM
by Daniel H Caldwell

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

> Vegetarianism and non-violence (Ahimsa) -- does not every living
> thing have a right to their life-span ?  Are we "mad-kings" who
> rage through life destroying as we go, because we cannot
> undersigned that the "Kinship of all Life" includes every living
> thing ?  Are we mad [ living carelessly 'as we please'] because
> we "think," or is our power of thought obscured at times, because
> of some motive of play or pleasure, which denies the rights and
> privileges of others ?  Are we bullies and tyrants over other
> natural beings and their forms ?  And if so, how is it that we
> can do this without any kind of remorse ?  To think that our
> great power of thinking alone entitles us to kill and torture
> other beings for our sole benefit ?

Here is enough for days and weeks of thought! . . . .

Thanks Dallas for your questions.

Unfortunately, we humans are a rather cruel race of beings.
So unthoughtful of other humans, animals and plants on
the earth.  Look at what we humans have done to the lands,
oceans and the atomosphere of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Yes, we are bullies and tyrants.  Our species should be
ashamed of itself.

And now genetic engineering is here! What new atrocities
will we now commit on the animal kingdom?  I shudder
at what may happen in the not too distant future.

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