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Re: Bart Screws Up

May 07, 1998 05:36 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 7th 1998

Dear Bart:

When I posted some of Judge's opinions concerning DRUGS, the
opinion on "vegetarianism" was included.  It was not at issue.

Mr. Judge is reported to have once said:  What comes out of a
man's mouth is more important that what goes into it.  -- or
something like that.

I knew that he tried vegetarianism for a while and found it did
not agree with his body.  In any case this dietary asceticism
related to those who wished to refine their physical body
organism and were under some occult training.  And, in any case,
if occult success were from the eating of vegetables, then cows,
horses and elephants would have a good chance !  As I understand
it, it is not practices adopted 'copy-cat' from "outside
examples"  that are valuable, but those which we have thought out
for ourselves and put into effect because we found that there was
something valuable there for us to do or follow.

HPB mentions that the rules she quoted were for "chelas."  In the
same article she also mentions as a pre-requisite:  "Perfect
physical health."  How many of us can qualify for that ?  Perhaps
we can qualify for that in some future incarnation.

But our present task seems to be, to me, to study and really know
what HPB and the Masters taught us concerning ourselves and the
Universe and world that we live in.

At best, writers, other than HPB, tell us what they have gathered
from their studies.  Do those reports agree with the fundamental
propositions of the Occult Philosophy ?  Or do they wander and
distract from those propositions -- do they lure us away from
"real" study ?

The only one, besides HPB, that seems (to me) to tally closest to
her writings is Judge, as can be ascertained from his articles in
PATH and the work that he did on the BHAGAVAD GITA and on
pages) is an excellent condensation of the information given in
THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  In working on that book for years, I have
found that most, if not all, the statements made there can be
traced to actual statements by HPB in the S D, ISIS, or elsewhere
in her writings.  But, that is only the result of my own studies,
and proves nothing, except to me.

It is difficult to beat the EPITOME OF THEOSOPHY (Judge - 33
pages) for an in depth survey of Theosophy and its main

The question as I saw it was:  what has Theosophy to do with
DRUGS.  As various opinions emerged, I quoted what I had found.

The answer seems to be " Avoid  unless needed for health

Best wishes,                Dallas

> From: "Bart Lidofsky" <>
> Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 9:06 PM
>Subject: Bart Screws Up

>Bart Lidofsky wrote:
>> Lmhem111 wrote:
>> >
>> > WQJ tried vegetarianism for nine years and gave it up
because he found it
>> > "injurious". He said it wasn't suited for Westerners.

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