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Dangers of psychism

May 06, 1998 11:21 PM
by Govert Schuller

Dear friends,

As a contribution to the discussion about the dangers of psychism
I would like to, by way of experiment, submit to your attention the
following dictation from El Morya on the subject.  Do what you like with it
and react as you like, provided you do it in such a spirit as you like
people to react to the Mahatma Letters. Personnaly I think it comes very
close to what HPB said.  I am not posting it to undercut Paul's and other
people's belief that there are legitimate spiritual practices which will
help our spiritual evolution.



Beloved El Morya, June 8, 1995

        "Thus, beloved, at the same time that I speak about receiving
many among you as chelas, for many of you are worthy, I also must speak
about those who have not been chelas, who have never been chelas, but
who have hung on to this activity like moths flitting around a lamp
light. At times they have gathered around the flame in such numbers that
the flame could no longer be seen.
        "Therefore, I am seeing to it that these individuals will no
longer be a part of this Community. Some have already left. Some have
been removed because they refused to surrender certain psychic
activities that cannot in any way be tolerated in an organization
sponsored by the Ascended Masters. It is a matter of black and white:
you either forsake the psychic or you may not be a part of this
        "It is often true that individuals who are psychic do not know
that they are psychic, for they have tumbled into the world of illusion,
the world of baubles and trinkets and smoke and mirrors. They have
descended in a downward spiral into the astral plane and, lo and behold,
they believe they have found Shangri-la!
        "Well, beloved ones, I wish to discuss with you the matter of
placing yourselves before teachers other than the Ascended Masters and
before teachings other than the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  If
you are determined to take courses from this or that instructor because
he or she professes to teach something you think you ought to know and
yet you are aware that that instructor is psychic or has been identified
as psychic by the Messenger, this is what will happen:
        "When you place yourself before a teacher who is not tied to the
Great White Brotherhood, who does not have God-control of his four lower
bodies or of anger (or the Martian A's the Messenger has listed) and who
is in some kind of a valley of indecision, choosing to live neither in
Light nor in Darkness but in a gray area, you open yourself up to
receive from that teacher whatever untransmuted substance is lodged in
his electronic belt.  (For the pupil is always the one who receives and
the teacher is always the one who gives.) And you will not be able to
screen out the psychic from the nonpsychic; for the psychic vibration
pollutes the entire stream of consciousness of the one who lets himself
flow with it.
        "Thus, you take in not only what the psychic consciously dishes
out but the entire subconscious momentum of his psychicism, including
his impure vessel, which in most cases has not been dedicated as a
chalice for violet flame transmutation. (In the world of the psychic
there are many who have no determination to transmute past karma and
there are others who do use the violet flame but are nevertheless
unwilling to give up their involvement in the psychic.)
        "And the conclusion will be that I will have nothing further to
do with you because you will have made your bed in the psychic and you
will have to lie in it until you decide to “clean up your act,” as the
saying goes. If you go the way of the psychic when you know the Law, I
cannot help you and I can no longer have any ties to your lifestream.
Nor can any other Ascended Master maintain ties to you, for the Great
Law will not allow it.
        "You must understand that through your tie to the Great White
Brotherhood through Padma Sambhava and the lineage of hierarchy that
sponsors this Messenger, you have the greatest opportunity in the entire
Matter universe to take your ascension in this life.  The hierarchies of
light who are involved with this earth are also involved with this
universe. And therefore, their sponsorship of this organization is not
something merely of this earth.
        "So I have spoken and this is my statement. Hear it well. I have
set a full table before you. The Lord Christ has broken the bread of
life and given you of his Body and his Blood. It is not necessary for
you to know everything about everything, including the things of the
psychic. It is not necessary for you to look for shortcuts.  There are
no shortcuts!
        "You can fool yourself in many ways, whether by muscle testing
or by this or that something or other that someone has come up with.
But in the end, beloved, you will find that you have made no forward
progress whatsoever and that you have forsaken your spiritual path and
your spiritual trust with the Ascended Masters, who are your Teachers
and Gurus. And I say, you will find yourself with a bellyful of psychic
energy and you will have only yourself to rid yourself of it.
        "Psychic energy is like quicksand. Souls can be sucked into it
and actually defend their right to be doing what they are doing because
they are so enmeshed in the psychic plane and its psychic inhabitants
that they can no longer tell the difference between the spiritual path
and the psychic path. This is a tragedy of the age!
        "There are millions of souls on earth who are following psychic
teachers and, as a result, they are falling by the wayside. Because they
are tied to these teachers, they are unaware that their auric sheath
(the light that is closest to the body) is being “bled” from them.
Unknowingly, they are losing their soul essence. It is being taken from
them not necessarily by spiritualists or crystal-ball gazers but by
everyday people who live in the psychic plane. Therefore know that when
you keep company with such people, you make yourself vulnerable to all
levels of the astral plane. When you place yourself opposite them as a
student, you are even more vulnerable.
        "A typical example of psychism on television that draws millions
into the astral plane every day, hence into the surreal world of the
psychic, is the so-called soap opera. There is absolutely no redeeming
value in the “soaps.” They are a cesspool of the psychic and those who
put their attention on that cesspool day in and day out will find
themselves still in that cesspool after they pass from the screen of
life in the change called death.
        "Another example of psychism is the violence in the
Saturday-morning cartoons. This violence is a horrendous desecration of
the soul of the child. The makers of these cartoons have sown the wind
and they shall—I say, they shall—reap the whirlwind of their karma for
the abuse of the minds and emotional bodies of children.
        "We are your teachers. We are your initiators. We give you your
initiations on the Path. As your parents, we coddle you. You cannot
imagine how we root for you and go to battle for you. But we expect one
thing: allegiance to the one God and the one God in the person of the
Ascended Masters.
        "The bottom line is this: I will have nothing further to do with
anyone who goes after the world of the psychic and its followers. If you
pursue the psychic, you will have to clean up your world on your own.
You will have to once again make your soul and your four lower bodies an
acceptable chalice for your Holy Christ Self if you desire to be a part
of this organization.
        "I trust I have made myself clear. I want you to understand that
I am in some measure concerned and equally burdened that Saint Germain
should have to deal with such goings-on in this organization as students
professing to take dictations from the Maha Chohan and other Ascended
Masters when they have no mantle and no office in the Great White
Brotherhood that would authorize them to take dictations. And I am
chagrined that the Maha Chohan himself should be subjected to
individuals who would take dictations that are supposedly from him but
are not and who claim to have the Holy Spirit but do not."

Copyright 1995 The Summit Lighthouse

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