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Re: Being human

May 01, 1998 11:00 AM
by Bjorn Roxendal

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> Theosophy views spiritual guidance as a rare and precious
> commodity and sees "successes" as being hugely outnumbered by
> "failures."  After all, it takes a genuine Master to really guide
> one, and those are so hard to find and so rare that only the
> super- deserving have the least chance of finding one.  So all we
> can do is study the books, try to be good little Theosophists,
> and wait for the Masters to decide it's time to help us evolve
> spiritually.  Of course, following all the ES rules and accepting
> Radha as your spiritual teacher puts you way ahead of the rest of
> humanity, but such attainments are only for "the few."

I never got this impression from my exposure to Theosophy; neither in written
form or "live" from participating in group (Adyar) activities.
My understanding has always been that spiritual progress is for everybody, that
there are masters that assist the students, even before they become formal
"chelas", that the Higher Self is accessible to all of us etc.

> Whereas Cayce portrays spiritual guidance as a universal gift,
> God's grace to all of us through the Christ Consciousness which
> can lead you every minute of every day if you open yourself to
> it.  There's more than enough for everybody.  That one
> superabundant Master is all you need to protect yourself.  Which
> means that it's encouraged to explore various meditation
> techniques, approaches to healing, regression, etc. etc.  The
> chances of success are far greater than the chances of failure,
> as long as you are guided by love of God and humanity.  And if
> you do fail as a result of one risky venture, Cayce assures you
> that it's better to act and make a mistake than to hold back for
> fear of failure.

What you describe as the ARE ideas is very much how I have always perceived life
(with the exception that I ALSO recognize the the value of the Guru-Chela
relationship). Are you saying that this is "untheosophical"?


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