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Life's Greatest Mystery

May 01, 1998 11:09 AM
by Mark Kusek

Mark Kusek wrote:
> Kym:
> >So far, you and Alan are the only 'Shining Comedy Clubs On The Hill.'  The
> >rest of us can only bow down in deference.

Geez, tough crowd.

> Thoa:
> Of course, the women who dress in heels and tight skirts are the ones getting
> attention from the men.  This desire to attract vs. being comfortable and
> true to oneself results in a denial of the self.  For myself, I've had
> many suggestions that I should dress like Frederick's of Hollywood to show
> off my assets.  My response is, "Why don't you dress in skin-tight leather
> pants and thong bikini underwear for me?"  The meaning of that, of course,
> flies right over their testosterone-filled heads.  This makes me feel as if I
> am no more than an owned passive object. I see that most guys dress
> comfortably.  I see that most women dress uncomfortably.  And it is up to
> the women to turn the men on.

Hey, I've been working out!
I can even crack walnuts with my butt cheeks just like Jean Claude Van

> Kym:
> >I was just thinking about that, you know.  I was picturing having sex with
> >Jesus and Buddha (not at the same time, though)
> Why not?  A wonderful sweaty meshing of the East and the West, with a mineral!

"Ride me, Ride me Big J"

> Gee whiz, if you were going for "less 'Divine'", then you should shoot for
> John Holmes.  If you're going for Divine, it seems to me that Jesus would
> be more fun in bed.  The Buddha probably wouldn't move one iota.

Hey, don't knock an adamantine immovable object!

> >Self-discovery is so. . .painful.

Life is suffering.

;P  -- M
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