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Re: Karma : For whom and by Whom ? Are we Creators or creatures -- or both ?

May 01, 1998 11:27 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 1st

Jerry:                On KARMA        As I UNDERSTAND it:

Karma is a concept, a proposal for consideration and not a dogma
to be accepted blindly by all or any who would be "theosophists."
It is so presented.

If you read THE OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY by W.Q.Judge you will find a
whole chapter (XI) that deals with the pros and cons as :" Is it
reasonable ?"  Not at all as " It is certain."

But, in view of what we know of our general situation, as people,
is the idea of justice, fairness and human equality reasonable or
is it not ?  Or would you prefer a "god figure" that can be
prayed to to violate His/its own laws in favor of some cringing
whimpering sycophant ?  Someone unwilling to stand up for what he
has chosen to do, and for which he SENSES there are consequences
that will arrive, which will be unpleasant to him?  And what
aspect of our nature is it that wishes to do as it pleases and
also desires to be irresponsible ?  Why is it that all the
countries in the world, and as far back as tradition and history
do, give us data, and the sense of community fairness and justice
as one that prevailed and prevails today ?

As I have said before:  why are we psychologically DUAL beings ?
One side recognizes and demands fairness, and the other wants to
do with impunity anything that it pleases ?  That is the great
puzzle, which theosophy  tries to get us to see can be reconciled
by considering that "evolution" is not physical development
alone, but includes the psychic and the spiritual faculties.

Those need to be identified, each one for and within themselves.
Some guide lines and the results of observation are offered for
us to use.  Why are we so shy and adverse to doing such personal
research ?  Are we afraid of "hurting our tender personalities ?
And if so, why so ?  What is it in us that survives any change of
mood or of personality ?  That is the "Witness" to our lives ?

We know that scientifically it has been found that law reigns
everywhere.  So why do humans balk at it being applicable and
applied in their personal case ?  What is it that we desire to
"hide ?"  Is concealment an element of hypocrisy ?  Why should we
desire to appear as something we are not (character-wise ?).  I
agree that this is a stiff question to put to anyone, but it is
one which we ought to put to ourselves and not direct it outside.
I ask your pardon in advance.  I do NOT direct it at you, but to
all of us, me included, please.

So when I speak of "harmlessness, veracity, and openness of
nature," I mean what is said in LIGHT ON THE PATH:  "  When the
Master reads my hart he will find it clean -- utterly."  I
venture to say that none of us can dare to say that.  We know too
well our own "sins and failings."  However that does not need to
deter us from trying.  "Far has he gone whose feet press down one
fond offence,"  says the Buddha.  It is also for this reason that
I like to use the concept that we are immortal pupils in a School
of living which is extended for an enormous time.  When did WE
actually begin ?  Where will this process of learning actually
end ?  Does anyone really believe that the end of this life is

Why do we have a built-in sense of right and wrong, and where
does it come from, and how do we know that it is correct ?

These questions have always been puzzles to me.  I found the best
solutions (to me ) in the propositions that Theosophy has
advanced.  At least they are not imposed !

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