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Re: Being human

May 01, 1998 10:24 AM
by Mark Kusek

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> Dear Mark,
> I find your discussion with Dallas fascinating because it seems
> that you are signposts at a crossroads, pointing in opposite
> directions.  How old are you, if I may ask?

I'm 41.

> Whereas Cayce portrays spiritual guidance as a universal gift,
> God's grace to all of us through the Christ Consciousness which
> can lead you every minute of every day if you open yourself to
> it.  There's more than enough for everybody.  That one
> superabundant Master is all you need to protect yourself.  Which
> means that it's encouraged to explore various meditation
> techniques, approaches to healing, regression, etc. etc.  The
> chances of success are far greater than the chances of failure,
> as long as you are guided by love of God and humanity.  And if
> you do fail as a result of one risky venture, Cayce assures you
> that it's better to act and make a mistake than to hold back for
> fear of failure.

I couldn't agree more. Thanks, KP.

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