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Re:geological time

Apr 27, 1998 10:39 AM
by Brenda S Tucker


>I'm sorry Brenda. How is it that you see them or speak with them outside
>of your own imaginings?

There have been accounts of this taking place. I do not have a personal
account of the above.

>I am interested in understanding things now, as I AM, rather than as I
>might be in any possible future. If there is Reality worth knowing, it
>is surely available to know here and now.

Have you read THE SECRET DOCTRINE? I think the account of life in THE
SECRET DOCTRINE is anything but what you are interested in.

>Have your 'Masters' ever mentioned anything to you about gnosis?

Again, I've read lots of things, but don't need to limit myself to personal
experience when I can read of the experiences of others.

>> >The work you do on yourself is the greatest gift you can offer another.
>> >Be who you ARE and act from there. There is nothing else to do. Your
>> >action will be without blame.
>> I suppose this includes ALL FREEDOM for genetic engineering! I think you
>> are ignoring many issues because we don't have authority for addressing
>> those issues here at the T.S.
>Huh? What does that mean in relation to what I said?

It just means that I have talked with people who are Transhumans and people
who are Extropians and I have empathy for their situation. What they would
like to do is limited by law, the government, and the courts, and they feel
that their individual freedom is hampered and compromised. These people are
not really allowed to work on themselves as they see fit and they feel
rebellious and anarchist because of it. They feel like having their own
police force. They feel like writing their own constitution and
experimenting with "themselves" as you suggest. But it is hardly looked at
as a gift by others.

These are things going on in today's world and I don't see you taking a
stand with these issues.


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