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Re:geological time

Apr 27, 1998 01:29 PM
by Mark Kusek

Brenda S. Tucker wrote:
> Mark,
> >I'm sorry Brenda. How is it that you see them or speak with them outside
> >of your own imaginings?
> There have been accounts of this taking place. I do not have a personal
> account of the above.

So your personal experience of them is imaginal then.

> >I am interested in understanding things now, as I AM, rather than as I
> >might be in any possible future. If there is Reality worth knowing, it
> >is surely available to know here and now.
> Have you read THE SECRET DOCTRINE? I think the account of life in THE
> SECRET DOCTRINE is anything but what you are interested in.

I have read the THE SECRET DOCTRINE, but obviously we will just have to
agree to disagree about the value of my interests.

> >Have your 'Masters' ever mentioned anything to you about gnosis?
> Again, I've read lots of things, but don't need to limit myself to personal
> experience when I can read of the experiences of others.

LOL. OK Brenda.

> >> >The work you do on yourself is the greatest gift you can offer another.
> >> >Be who you ARE and act from there. There is nothing else to do. Your
> >> >action will be without blame.
> >>
> >> I suppose this includes ALL FREEDOM for genetic engineering! I think you
> >> are ignoring many issues because we don't have authority for addressing
> >> those issues here at the T.S.
> >
> >Huh? What does that mean in relation to what I said?
> It just means that I have talked with people who are Transhumans and people
> who are Extropians and I have empathy for their situation. What they would
> like to do is limited by law, the government, and the courts, and they feel
> that their individual freedom is hampered and compromised. These people are
> not really allowed to work on themselves as they see fit and they feel
> rebellious and anarchist because of it. They feel like having their own
> police force. They feel like writing their own constitution and
> experimenting with "themselves" as you suggest. But it is hardly looked at
> as a gift by others.
> These are things going on in today's world and I don't see you taking a
> stand with these issues.

You have very much misunderstood me.
The law of the land is in place for a reason and anyone who wants to
amend it has the right and the process available to them for trying to
do so. I agree that it is a hot topic of debate.

Nice talking with you, Brenda.
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