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Re:geological time

Apr 27, 1998 07:41 AM
by Mark Kusek

Brenda S. Tucker wrote:
> >I do understand. But my understanding is that 'Masters' and 'Gurus' are,
> >as individuals, separate beings from me, just the same as anybody else;
> >while as symbols, they are my own unrealized SELF, just the same as
> >anybody else.
> If you could see them and speak with them you would know them as separate
> beings. But if you try to imagine what androgynous is and try to predict
> (what with genetic engineering and such) what our human (or shared)
> physical body will be in the future, then you could see yourself as a
> manifestation of the energies from, not only two separate beings, but three

I'm sorry Brenda. How is it that you see them or speak with them outside
of your own imaginings?
I am interested in understanding things now, as I AM, rather than as I
might be in any possible future. If there is Reality worth knowing, it
is surely available to know here and now.

Have your 'Masters' ever mentioned anything to you about gnosis?

> When man became physical on our globe it was paired with an extinction of
> the prior animal lifewave and the introduction of a variety of new animal
> forms (possibly angelic lives which are essential to man's mental growth
> and ecology of earth). Therefore angels are not to be ignored as they may
> have a very definite role in releasing us from form on earth.
> I am not saying that the animal lives or dinosaurs did not enjoy a lengthy
> stay on earth, because geological records show that they have. But I am
> saying that when the human lifewave descended - there was an overlap - and
> that eventually the dinosaurs loosened their hold on the physical matter of
> the globe. Not only did new physical bodies find their appearance, both
> human and angelic (as I look at all the animals and plants currently on
> earth as angelic in their inner nature), but FLOWERS have only existed on
> earth for about 4 million years, I believe, and perhaps other physical
> changes took place as well, such as atmosphere, etc. Look at the dates in
> the SD. Mankind certainly was present when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
> Wouldn't it be simpler to start with "the most advanced physical form" and
> work up from there until we had our own?
> When we look behind us, can't we perceive the future more accurately? Our
> forms do not have to stay like they are today. I was studying how otters
> can see very well at night because of crystals which reflect the light
> being present in their eyes. It may be possible some day to genetically
> splice useful animal characteristics into our human forms. We don't think
> it is necessarily desireable, but from the point of view of a "next
> evolutionary kingdom" perhaps there is some plan to bring our forms up to
> the level of their existence. As this would be attempted, stages of various
> physical bodies might be "split off" until the finished product is reached.
> The "new and various" physical bodies would be too difficult for our human
> life to ensoul, but angels could find residence in them under the guidance
> and purposes of the next lifewave.
> Theosophy teaches seven lifewaves and I am not arguing, but if we could be
> released from our physical bodies through an interaction with beings who
> are TRYING to become physical - even if that physical is beyond our
> comprehension and better qualified as "turning the planet to light" - then
> there would be a distinct purpose for the NEXT KINGDOMS presence here. It
> is to ascend us. As they conspire to recreate physical bodies on earth, we
> LEARN about our future existence. When we learn of the use and cooperation
> of new physical attributes, we can PLAN our next descent to a future globe
> of this chain. In this way, we begin both an endowment of our human lives
> with new physical powers and an endowment of the animal lifewave with
> greater consciousness of their vehicles and senses. As we descend and the
> dinosaurs ascend, we cooperate. We HAND OFF to them an immortal flame and
> receive ourselves their eternal flame and by this process can live in
> physical bodies again. I admit their bodies are not that attractive, but
> perhaps with complex COSMIC methods, could be converted into something
> useful and beautiful.
> I realize this is a rather fanciful picture, but when we read the SD, we
> encounter many viewpoints which are not only ponderable, but can generate
> our imagination. I hope I don't find too many objections to MY PARTICULAR
> meanderings, but I do wish I could hear some others. There are lots of
> creative minds out there.


whirling in space,
defined by all sorts
of imaginings.

You see her,

so far up in the clouds,
so at a distance

you forget
to look down
to the Earth

far below.

> >The work you do on yourself is the greatest gift you can offer another.
> >Be who you ARE and act from there. There is nothing else to do. Your
> >action will be without blame.
> I suppose this includes ALL FREEDOM for genetic engineering! I think you
> are ignoring many issues because we don't have authority for addressing
> those issues here at the T.S.

Huh? What does that mean in relation to what I said?

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