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Re:Clarification re CF

Apr 24, 1998 07:01 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I have never been to Wheaton or Krotona so I cannot say anything about the
atmosphere at these places.

But I have been to Adyar several times and have stayed there for some weeks
each time. But I have never felt any creepy feeling at all. On the other
hand it was always been a rejuvenating experience and always looks forward
to it.

My 0.02.


At 09:10 AM 4/24/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>My reference to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have
>experienced a creepy feeling on Theosophical premises was not
>exclusive to Wheaton, but supportive of Richard's more general
>point. Sure, it's speculation, but a large proportion of
>people I've known who have been to Krotona or Adyar described
>them as producing such feelings (more than Wheaton)-- say a dozen
>people altogether of perhaps 3 dozen who might have volunteered
>their impressions. If that's at all representative of the
>general population of visitors to TS "shrines" then thousands
>have gotten such impressions.
>Of course, you might say that the ES members are so pure and holy
>and such radiant transmitters of the Masters' energy that the
>lowly and profane non-ES Theosophists can't bear the glory of it
>all, and get creepy feelings from it.
>By the way, I knew there was another sn*** word I was looking
>for-- snide.

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