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Clarification re CF

Apr 24, 1998 06:10 AM
by K Paul Johnson

My reference to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have
experienced a creepy feeling on Theosophical premises was not
exclusive to Wheaton, but supportive of Richard's more general
point. Sure, it's speculation, but a large proportion of
people I've known who have been to Krotona or Adyar described
them as producing such feelings (more than Wheaton)-- say a dozen
people altogether of perhaps 3 dozen who might have volunteered
their impressions. If that's at all representative of the
general population of visitors to TS "shrines" then thousands
have gotten such impressions.

Of course, you might say that the ES members are so pure and holy
and such radiant transmitters of the Masters' energy that the
lowly and profane non-ES Theosophists can't bear the glory of it
all, and get creepy feelings from it.

By the way, I knew there was another sn*** word I was looking
for-- snide.


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