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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 24, 1998 06:00 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 24th 1998

Dear Jerry:

Thank goodness that Theosophy is not defined.

If you are in swimming in the Ocean do you ask what is a drop ?

I think that if the Akasic records exist and record all -- that
is Theosophy.

Anything else is a condensation, a tool with which one can
approach the basic concepts of the machinery as well as the
purpose of existence and our Universe World/selves.

I AM NOT shying away from what I think seems to be "fundamentals"
in Theosophical presentation/thinking == I mean things which are

Yourself, me, others, the World, Universe, order and
relationships, thought, ideals, errors, fairness, virtue, vice,
harmony, balance,
science(s), art(s), the invisible universe, planes or sheaths of
the Soul,
disorder and chaos, resolutions, searching, history, ignorance,
foolishness, stubbornness -- the whole gamut of facts, fictions,
myths, legends, lore, mysticism, esotericism, alchemy,
Hermeticism, Kabala (Jewish and Eastern), religions, faiths,
sects, creeds, dogmas liberalism, death, living, war, love, hate,
friendship, and thousands of other classifications which when
integrated makes our present panorama of considerations -- No
wonder we are all so different, and yet, so similar.

Theosophy is a TO ME "divine wisdom" which includes the whole

What finally makes of a child-man (mind) a WISE ONE, some power
which enables the encompassing of any detail in the Universe ?

>From the"simple" to the "complex" -- and back again. That is
what Theosophy means to me, something that gives a meaning or
makes sense out of such a multiplicity of facts, hopes regrets
and aspirations.

Why am I here ? Does my presence or absence mean anything to
anyone ? (besides my own self ?) What is the meaning of all this

Well - lets see what results as we go on. There has to be some
reason why we all draw together and hold these sessions day by


>From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
>Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 3:26 PM
>Subject: Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

>>Jerry Schueler <> writes
>>> I suppose the Big Question
>>>is whether or not post-HPB writings are "theosophy?"
>>I suppose the Big Answer is neither. All of the writings are
>>theosophy - it is up to us to study and use our discrimination
to detect
>>what, to us, appears to be "true" or "false".
>Alan, while I agree with you that what you say is exactly how we
 >should be looking at it, nevertheless "Theosophy" needs some
>kind of definition. SNIP

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