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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

Apr 24, 1998 07:04 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Taoist artists of long ago, paused silently;
>long enough to realize the meaning of the emptiness of paper or silk,
>before they would ever move to pick up the brush. With that preparation,
>... how could the Tao not naturally manifest?

Perhaps you could enlarge on "the emptiness of paper or silk"....or perhaps
it can't be put into words.
It just seems that it could equally(?) be to realise the fullness of paper
and silk.
"the meaning of" seem unnecessary words, yet on reflection they actually
encourage us to look to the meaning of the saying.
 Perhaps they are both the same (emptiness and fullness). Or perhaps the
paper or silk don't actually come into it, or do they signify duality, a
choice ....the "emptiness" becoming the effect.
What is emptiness? Can there possibly be emptiness?
Or is it a place where thought isn't?
"paused silently" comes over as "immense activity" .
The questioning is to try and get to the meaning (as suggested). There seem
to be endless meanings in the saying.

Perhaps the saying applies to "The Secret Doctrine."
In "The Secret Doctrine", the page which precedes the PROEM is "blank," and
once actually having noticed and then realised that there is on the face of
it, a blank page there, well................

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