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Re: Disdain for "creepy-feeling" phenomena?

Apr 23, 1998 09:00 PM
by David Green

RIhle <> wrote:

>Not such a bad post from a creativity standpoint.

Such words are way to a man's ego. Not mine
though, since mine was destroyed along with
my karma years ago. [smiley face to be
inserted at this point in text]

>If this is the case, wouldn't a "creepy-feeling" PROJECTED from my
psyche onto
>the "buildings, grounds, and everything" at Olcott mean that I thought
>the buildings etc. were EXPERIENCING a creepy feeling?

If your perception's true, then
Alcott estate is haunted. Hundreds
or thousands have confirmed it,
according to one scholarly source.
CNNN's Larrry King has been contacted
for 2 hour special. Wheaaton College
may fly Ooral Roberts in to pray
for CFpossessed Alcott estate, according
to another unreliable source. Even
Jimmy Swwaggart (former consort-er
with wh. . . .) agrees that the soul
of Alcott can still be saved.

ACT members may have bigger challenge
than they imagined. Even if in
extreme case, ACT is wildly
sucessful & ousts Alcott officials
causing alleged problems, new officials
(even ACT c-e-r-t-i-f-i-e-d) may succumb
to those CFs "haunting" the Alcott
premises. ACT might consider an
exorcism fund.

[excerpt from ACT newsletter, Septe.

"In July of this year, President
Croocker cut ribbon at ceremony
unveiling newly renovated Alcott
estate. Various speeches were
made praising the successful
efforts of Dr Schueeler and
Rev Rooberts in blasting
those dreaded CFs straight
to Gehenna. Treasurer
Johnsson reported on the
partially successfuly efforts
to raise funds for prevention
of future CFs infestations
at Alcott. Dr. RIIIhle gave 17 hour
workshop on true inner significance
of the literal events of the last
10 years.

International President Algooe
in a satellite hookup from
Addyar admitted he overlooked
the obvious source of the problems
afflicting his administration
and instead focused most of his
time and attention
on raising funds for the Alcott
elevator. A new ACT ininiative (sic)
is now underway to remove all
CFs residing on the Addyar


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