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Whence the attitude, David Green?

Apr 23, 1998 01:07 PM
by K Paul Johnson

Dear David Green,

Two displays of attitude in one day, on the same list, makes me
wonder where that attitude is coming from. I'm struck by how many
"sn***" words apply to that attitude shown to Jerry and now to
Richard: sneering, snotty, snippy, sniping. But where does this
come from? Who are you, whose interests are you trying to
defend in your attacks, in short, why are you acting this way?

Some comments:

> Dear Doctor, Doctor-----
> Why don't you pen an article for the
> ACT newsletter on this "creepy feeling"
> phenomena at Olcott?

OK, you're angry at Richard and contemptuous of ACT, I suppose.
Why? Why not come out from your sniper's position and speak up *for*
whatever it is you think you're defending by this display of

 Better yet-------
> concerned TS Wheaton members can send their
> proxies made out to you. You can then
> demand an offical investigation of the
> "CF" phenomena during the summer
> convention at Olcott.

So this means you regard all questions raised by ACT
concerning TSA administration as silly? Just guessing.
> Mmmmmmmm.....another thought--------
> is it not possible
> this "CF" may be a mere
> projection from your own psyche?

No, David, it is absolutely not possible. There are far
too many people, Theosophists and not, who have noticed
and commented upon this same CF for it to be a "mere projection"
of Richard's. Call it a mere projection of all the hundreds
or thousands who have experienced it, if you must, but you
can't blame it solely on him.

> No doubt some expert t-h-e-r-a-p-i-s-t
> could root the CF out of your system "in a
> heart beat." If it can be done with
> karma, why not with CFs?

Here appears to be a gratuitous sneer at Jerry,
whose position you don't seem to have tried
to explore and understand before dismissing
and dissing it. Wasn't once enough?
> I know it's easier & more fun
> to blame it on the people & buildings
> at Olcott.

Why is it easier and more fun for you to
behave this way than to drop the snotty
posturing and engage in constructive,
respectful dialogue?



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