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Same Objects but.....

Apr 23, 1998 11:23 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Then I guess the theosophy lists will stay mighty. The great thing about
the lists is that all sorts of viewpoints are given, Dallas (HPB), Brenda
(Masters), K. Paul (ARE), Doss (Krisnamurti), Alan (Kabalah), pro-con
current administration, etc. I doubt that I would get as much critical
analysis in a regular meeting. A regular meeting, from what I know, is
pretty much regulated and confined to particular topics. Also, people are
not as likely to be as vocal when in a physical group of people.

The negative side is that you don't have the energy and contact of
face-to-face interaction. Also, without people supporting those
institutions, where would lectures, events and meetings be held? I'm sure
there are lots of pro and cons to this. I'm just running things off the
top of my head.

Thoa :o)

>G. R. S. Mead, [left in 1908]
>William Kingsland, [Left, SFAIK]
>Ernest Wood, [Left in disgust after many years]
>Irving S. Cooper, [Liberal Catholic Bishop]
>Stephan A. Hoeller, [Still going strong but runs his own Gnostic Church
>setup - may still be a TS member as well, he is very eclectic!]
>etc. etc., etc. etc.,etc., etc.,etc. etc., etc.
>Around 800 of the etc. people (some of whom may have been listed in
>the original post) left around 1908 during "The Leadbeater Affair".
>One such was Helen Dennis, who was Corresponding Sec. for the
>Chicago E.S. at the time. Another etc. [me] plus around nine others
>left in 1996, also in disgust ....
>Recently discovered letters from Helen Dennis are reproduced in the file
>CWL.ZIP on the Website below. Photocopies of some of these are

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