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Re:Same Objects but.....

Apr 19, 1998 11:47 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 19th 1998

Under the 2nd grouping;

THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (PASADENA) the sequence ought to be:


Judge was left out of there in the original MSG.

 = = = = = = = = = = =

Otherwise I found it pretty correct, if one wants to survey the
sequence of responsibility assumed by various people in time.

But the responsibility for making statements about Theosophy is
found to change as "students, and 'successors'" begin writing.

That, to me, is the reason why one ought to be well grounded in
the fundamentals as stated by Masters, HPB, Judge ... -- as those
do not disagree.

Judge I have found to be very reliable, as he sticks to HPB
carefully in all he writes.

[ His books and Articles are available On-Line, and can be
downloaded for individual study at

I have spent years in tracing down sources for statements made by
various writers, and have found some curious divergences, mainly
emanating from those who had some access to the "psychic world of
the Astral." Or, who allowed themselves to be influenced by
others who claimed such access. [ One ought to take some
warning from all that HPB wrote on the subject, and of the dangers
inherent in contacting or using it ! It has a great attraction
for curiosity seekers. ]

When in a "theosophical" body the "leadership, or officers,
etc..." have arrogated to themselves the right to pick and choose
as to what is orthodox belief and behavior, and when the money
trail was considered more important that the preservations of the
accuracy of the "teachings," then we have all kinds of divisions
of opinion and confusion -- where then is "brotherhood, and
tolerance ?"

There is an unsigned article entitled OF FUNDS AND PROPERTY,
printed in THE PATH, for February 1894 (Vol. 8, p. 254-7). It is
unsigned, but appears from its style to be from Mr. Judge.

Allow me to extract a few quotes from it:

 OF FUNDS AND PROPERTY ( Some extracts )

"...while money is necessary to get bread to eat, it is not
entirely necessary for the work of the T S.... If the T S ... had
always possessed a fund and property, there would always be those
who, moved by selfish motives, would struggle to gain possession
of the money and the use of the property for their own benefit.
But without a fund belonging to the treasury, the Society [in
America] has steadily grown in influence and numbers.

This is because instead of money to fight for we have had an
inspiring ideal, and instead of corporate funds to work with we
have had devotion which causes the members to use in the work of
the organization their own private means untrammeled by the
treasury rules. Thus the Society is poor, and it is sincerely to
be hoped that it will always remain without a fund as a
temptation to the cupidity of man. ...

The funds that are used in the work...and spent during the year
should remain the property of private persons who devote them to
the uses of the Society freely and in whatever direction their
conscience permits.

If we accumulate a large corporate fund we will also accumulate
around it those human beings who unconsciously as well as
deliberately conceal their motives, who ask to be allowed to work
so that they may be paid, and who as members of the whole body
owning the fund might have a right to demand its division ...

If persons have money which they desire to devote in large sums
to the
society's work, they should either use it themselves in the lines
of that activity or deliver it over to such devoted workers as
have shown that their guide in life is self-sacrifice for the
whole. ...

We ought not to encourage large donations to the treasury, but
should spread about the principle that private means should be
liberally given to the tried ones for use in their discretion
when the giver does not know how or has not the opportunity to
use it himself...

But make a large treasury fund, and then no barnacle or drone
could be shaken off once it had fastened on the old ship, because
he would have as voice in the management of means. Again, those
capricious, suspicious persons who always know the date of a
penny or the number of a bill would harass those who had the

Again, our poverty and lack of earthly applause and reward have
saved us from cranks and sectarians who, subliminally attracted
by wealth, would prate of doctrine and duty while they stood
guard over the cash-box. In the strength of our ideal and
devotion is our power, and that work which is done without reward
or the hope of it and without the blighting influence of a debit
and credit account goes further and lasts longer than any which
is given as return for a money consideration.
 [ PATH magazine, February 1894, Vol. 8, p.
254-7 ]

But the point I always get back to is that the message of
THEOSOPHY as being the most significant "gift" that we have
received in the last 125 years. If we fail to assimilate and to
know what it is, then our opportunity, our "good Karma" which
drew us to this knowledge in this incarnation is .... lost, gone,
wasted, deferred till the distant future, and those who we could
have helped are also delayed in their advance... and that
responsibility will be ours to bear.

With best wishes Dallas

>From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
>Date: Saturday, April 18, 1998 5:49 PM
>Subject: Re:Same Objects but.....

>Wonderful summary. Let me add:
>TI - Everyone including you and me.
>At 06:10 PM 4/18/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 98-04-17 06:02:56 EDT, Thoa :o) wrote:
>><< Any difference? Anyway, the objects look the same >>
>>The differences are:
>>UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS= The Masters, Blavatsky, Judge,
Katherine Tingley, G. de Purucker, James A. Long
>>ADYAR THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY = The Masters, Blavatsky, Henry
Steel Olcott, T. Subba Row, G. R. S. Mead, A. P. Sinnett, Annie
Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, William Kingsland, Jinarajadasa, George
Arundale, Rukmini Devi, Geoffrey Hodson, Clara Codd, Ernest Wood,
Bhagavan Das, I. K. Taimni, Sydney A. Cook, Irving S. Cooper,
Edward L. Gardner, James S. Perkins, Hugh Shearman, E. Lester
Smith, N. Sr Ram, Rohit Mehta, P. Pavri, A. E. Powell, Duncan
Greenlees, J. J. Van Der Leeuw, Adelaide Gardner, Charles
Hampton, Claude Bragdon, Laurence & Phoebe Bendit, Felix Layton,
H. K. Challoner, Arthur
>>Robson, Christmas Humphreys, Arthur Osborn, MacGregor Geddes,
Howard Murphet, Robert Ellwood, Geoffrey Farthing, Stephan A.
Hoeller, Ken Wilbur, Radha Burnier, Virginia Hanson, Shirley
Niicholson, Dora Kunz, Joy Mills, John Algeo, etc. etc., etc.
etc.,etc., >>Lmhem111 SNIP

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