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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 19, 1998 01:00 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Dear Jerry:
>On p. 200 Vol. 1 of the S D HPB gives a comparison of the
>Sephirothal "Tree" to the "Globes" on the 4 lower planes of
>Kosmos so as to compare them.
To Dallas:
Yes, and this comparison is extremely important. It signifies
that her Globes are equivalent to the Sephiroth, and all she
really does is to re-arrange them into a circle rather than
a tree. Note that the figure shows her 7 Globes beneath
the Abyss (the Veil of the Abyss in the Tree of Life). Above
the Abyss, the Tree has Kether, Binah, and Chockmah. She
gives only a triangle, and this is about all she ever does with
whatever is above the Abyss.

>What I was looking for was a statement by her that you know where
>to locate which indicates that indicates:
> " 5 Globes in the "Nirvana" above the Abyss"

(a truly remarkable book, and one that all theosophists should
study), page 141. The figure there shows his 12-Globe 7-Plane
model. There are 5 Globes above the Abyss, but he never
mentions the Veil of the Abyss, which is itslef only inferred by
looking at HPB's picture in the SD. In addition to the Globes,
he adds planetary and Zodiac associations. He also clearly
draws a horizontal line representing the Abyss, dividing the
7 planes into 3 high and 4 low; this is the standard occult
arrangement. I believe that he gets this from HPB's "Instructions"
which are in Vol XII of her COMPLETE WORKS, but I don't
have time to search for it.

>I am trying to determine whether she said this, (and if so, where
>?) or whether it is some construct devised by either AB/CWL (if
>so where ? ), or, by
> G de P ( if so, where ? )

No. HPB never comes out and says this, but give hints only.
The idea of Nirvana being above the Abyss is a natural
Western interpretation of Buddhism. The Buddhists, to my
knowledge, have never come onboard with a 7-plane model
anything like the Tree of HPB's model. Whatever the source
he used, CWL calls the plane just above the Abyss Nirvana,
and uses other names for the other two, which IMHO is just
mincing words but I suppose it is necessary in order to maintain
the 7 planes as independent but interconnected world-systems.

>I am also aware that trying to make comparisons or to arrange the
>schemes of one system in terms of another can be harrying. But
>for a student to secure the thought and the pathway used and
>review it, as I do, I would like to see that actual text, if

Yes. HPB also says (somewhere) that you can't visit or
experience anything along the paths that connect the Globes
between planes. These are laya centers, she says, and so the
Qabbalistic idea of visiting paths that go through two planes is
not allowed in her model. However, those 5 paths that connect
the inner 8 Globes within planes are allowed, and I think, exist.
This is, I think, where such things as kamaloka and devachan

Jerry S.

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