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The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 19, 1998 01:48 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>BEAUTIFULLY PUT. Only problem is that in human consciousness
>resides the power to perceive all this and to make sense out of
>chaos, etc... not really a problem, but because our Consciousness
>is one with the WHOLE, its separation is only an apppearance.
>Why should this be ?
>Is it not so that those aspects of LIFE which are seemingly
>isolated may become Concious of the WHOLE. The "independence"
>does not relax into insensitiveness, but rather galvanizes itself
>into a dynamic interaction with all other beings surrounding it,
>and also with the WHOLE. There is no "loss" but always a gain in
>depths and range of perception and understanding of the grand
>purpose of all living.
>Not static, but always dynamic and progressive. Dal.


>I would not say that the existence of any being depends on the
>observation of others, since, whether observed or not by
>"others," they ARE.

True. What I meant to say is that everything is related to each other,
interconnected somehow. There is really no such thing as an objective
entity all its own with the exception of Parent Space.

>But when one considers that all beings are inter-observant, and
>that they view the rest as extensions of themselves - or as
>similarities, then understanding and trust in the great Law of
>ALL BEING becomes a matter of experience and of reliance.

I think we pretty much agree on this. I worded it wrong.

>What is wrong with a great and an eternal background of LAW ? I
>mean as a concept. How else could a Universe operate except on
>the reliability, the impartiality, and the ever-presence of an
>infinitely sensitive 'host' of intelligent beings of various
>grades, each working with and for others in the environment where
>they are.

>Best wishes as always, Dallas

To you, too, Dallas.

Thoa :o)

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