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Coulomb pamphlet

Apr 19, 1998 02:14 PM
by Ernest Pelletier

Further to the discussion regarding Madame Coulomb’s account of experiences with HPB and the availability of her pamphlet, it may interest some to know that Edmonton T.S. reprinted this title a few years ago.

The full title is "Some Account of My Intercourse with MADAME BLAVATSKY, From 1872 to 1884, With A Number of Additional Letters and A Full Explanation of The Most Marvellous Theosophical Phenomena" by Madame Coulomb, ‘Published For The Proprietors of The "Madras Christian College Magazine: in 1885', 112 pages.

This title is currently out of stock but we are in the process of reprinting it. Price is $13.00 US plus $3.00 postage or $15.00 Canadian plus $3.00 postage.

Edmonton TS has published two new titles in the past year:

A Cumulative Index for Lucifer, Volumes I - XX, compiled by Ted Davy, 224 pp., hardcover. $23.95 US plus $5.00 postage or $25.95 Canadian plus $5.00 postage.

Index to The Theosophist, Volumes I - VI, Oct. 1879 - Sept. 1885, compiled by JoAnne MacDonald, 246 pp. $29.95 US plus $5.00 postage or $29.95 Canadian plus $5.00 postage.

To order please write to Edmonton TS, Box 4587, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5G4. If your order is for more than one book, postage will be adjusted accordingly.

Edmonton TS also publishes a quarterly magazine, FOHAT, which is circulated internationally. Subscription rates are: $15.00 Canadian in Canada, $15.00 US in U.S.A., and $20.00 US for international subscribers.


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