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Apr 15, 1998 11:04 AM
by Mark Kusek

Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
> > Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> >
> > Metaphysically, as I understand, when the ONE SPIRIT subdivides
> > into manifestation (under KARMA) there appear two polar
> > opposites, naked SPIRIT and MATTER.
> >
> > But, as these have been in manifestation before, and have
> > interacted there, of necessity arose the intermediary principle
> > of consciousness -- a sense of "I"-ness or "Ahamkara"
> > (Sanskrit) -- In us, it seems to translate as: the "sense of
> > separateness." Hence I used the word "egotism" -- meaning the
> > selfish self or sense of "I" as different from "others." I am
> > sure you know this concept.
> Then I understood you correctly and can disagree officially. What you say is
> contrary to my perceptions of what we are. The sense of I-ness does not make the
> sense of separateness necessary. We have individuality but are also one with the
> all. The all has the ability to manifest as countless "Is" without losing or
> compromising its oneness. "Egotism" is only the perverted form of I-ness. Only
> when I consider myself separate from the all does it appear. It is a free will
> choice to descend into the veils of duality.
> Bjorn

The "ONE" or the "ALL" is technically not SPIRIT. It is neither SPIRIT
CONSCIOUSNESS (which to us is unconsciousness); even these names fail to
touch it.

When IT begins to manifest, IT's wholeness appears as GREAT LIGHT, the
manifest duality of SPIRIT-MATTER, OEAHOO THE YOUNGER. The relationship
that both posits the poles and yet holds them as UNITY is a tension that
moves within itself as CONSCIOUS ENERGY,FORCE. The poles, while
attributing differences, are yet always "ONE THING." That I AM.

Even in Cosmic proportions, the manifest entity is a limited Being.
Individuality necessitates that, even Cosmic Individuality.
Manifestation = limitation. But because IT has within IT's scope all
radiant dimensions, IT "sees" itself as a multiplicity of Individuals,
each containing ALL, and each seeing All in one another. This is the
"Scattering of the Sons" that the Stanzas speak of. Monas Monadum: the
Monad of Monads. One and Many.

This is not a perversion. It is rather the Source of all subsequent
forms of Being existing in the "Waters" below (within) IT, and the fact
of our unitary identity in and as IT. It is the cause to be rejoiced in,
while yet being ITSELF a causeless cause. IT's karma is the Swabhava of
"All That Is."

Since it has no form but ITSELF, the Cosmic One, IT cannot be said to be
"Selfish," in the sense of Self and Other(s). There is only One.

When IT identifies with mayavic forms projecting within ITSELF, then
only arises the illusory sense of "I" and "Not I" that is characterized
by "Ahamkara." This is a wonderful, vivid, lucid dream, a pretended
sense of identity, a role-playing game, a manifestation of multiple
beloved "things." The "forgetting" is a consequence of playing 'hide and
seek' in the form(s), and identifying with them. I AM All In All. There
is no other.

You don't have to beat yourself up about it, boys and girls, or despise
your own humanity, just understand it. But maybe it's your game to do
so. After all, there's nothing like a good whack on the side of the
head. Either way it's Ok.

Be still and Know.
The wine drunk taoist
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