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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 18, 1998 12:44 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Bjorn Roxendal <> writes
>>when CWL is
>>discussed I see this tremendous condemnation going on, very seldom are his
>>writings analyzed. And if they are, typically it will go so far as to his
>>lunatic ideas about Mars.
>(Which are to be found in the file CWL.ZIP under the DIRECTORY
>link on the website below). He also wrote a lot of "clairvoyant"
>nonsense (IMO) about the "Science of the Sacraments."
Alan writes:

>It is nonetheless to his [Leadbeater's] credit that he popularised and made
>comprehensible many standard theosophical concepts.

Or is this the ploy of the dugpa/black magician? Mixing "truth" with
fiction, and in Leadbeater's case dangerous fiction. Popularising is
pandering to the lower/outer man, the lower desires and passions. Once the
pristine purity of the true teachings (of the inner "higher" man) are
popularised, they lose that pristine purity. The popularised stuff is
around all over the place in abundance and the PATH is hidden in the
undergrowth of popularization. It is for us to lift ourselves out of the
myre, and Theosophy (the wisdom of the gods) points out the way.

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