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Re:Govert Schuller - Recognizing the Masters

Apr 18, 1998 12:32 PM
by Govert Schuller

Dallas wrote:

>My observation has been that there has to be a continuity and a
>coherence in Theosophical thought just as one finds in the
>development of philosophy, logic, or science. Truth is no one's
>property. It is only valuable when we understand and can apply
>One can spend a lot of time trying to make sense of proclamations
>and claims, but without some sure basis, is it not time wasted?

If this quote seems to be the essence of your posting, then I agree. It is
then up to those who believe other messengers to make the case that it will
be worth the time to explore the contents of those messages, because there
is too much channeling going around to evaluate them all.


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