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Re:Govert Schuller on the Masters

Apr 18, 1998 12:11 PM
by Govert Schuller

>Govert Schuller wrote:
>> Meanwhile I am contemplating the possibility that the Masters changed
>> of their policies. I see no reason why They could not be flexible in the
>> packaging of theosophy, while maintaining the integrity of its contents.
>> Situations change, messengers change, the public changes, astrological
>> configurations change, cycles change etc.
>Daniel Caldwell replies:
>Yes, the packaging of Theosophy could be different but has the
>"integrity of
>its contents" been really maintained? Many of the socalled messengers
>the Masters have given out teachings which are plainly contradicted in
>is to be found in the writings of HPB and in THE MAHATMA LETTERS.
>So please explain what you mean by "maintaining the integrity of its
>contents." Exactly what are the "contents"? A whole series of
>come to mind!

Well, join my arsenal of questions I have myself:

What is the relationship, in terms of accuracy, between HPB's writings and
the Esoteric Philosophy
guarded by the Masters?

If there is a difference, as I believe there is but can not proof, what are
the factors involved to explain the difference?

If these factors, whatever they might be, are operative in the case of HPB,
won't they also be operative in the case of other genuine messengers?

Have the Masters themselves put together different packages of Wisdom
Religion for different situations, cultures and messengers?

How do They adapt to the level of intellectual and intuitive attainment of
their messenger?

What is their experience throughout the ages regarding educating the masses
through different means?

How do They apply that experience?

Do we know Their ultimate vision for the earth, which will guide Their
efforts in enlightening humanity?

Etc. etc.


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