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Apr 14, 1998 08:12 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> Metaphysically, as I understand, when the ONE SPIRIT subdivides
> into manifestation (under KARMA) there appear two polar
> opposites, naked SPIRIT and MATTER.
> But, as these have been in manifestation before, and have
> interacted there, of necessity arose the intermediary principle
> of consciousness -- a sense of "I"-ness or "Ahamkara"
> (Sanskrit) -- In us, it seems to translate as: the "sense of
> separateness." Hence I used the word "egotism" -- meaning the
> selfish self or sense of "I" as different from "others." I am
> sure you know this concept.

Then I understood you correctly and can disagree officially. What you say is
contrary to my perceptions of what we are. The sense of I-ness does not make the
sense of separateness necessary. We have individuality but are also one with the
all. The all has the ability to manifest as countless "Is" without losing or
compromising its oneness. "Egotism" is only the perverted form of I-ness. Only
when I consider myself separate from the all does it appear. It is a free will
choice to descend into the veils of duality.


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