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Weighing testimony re:drugs

Apr 15, 1998 07:13 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Thanks, Daniel, for the info, but I still don't see what your
stance is on the question. I won't judge Coleman without having
read the account in question. But there is a relevant
characteristic about Rawson that certainly makes him
different from Coleman, Solovyov, and company. He was a longtime FRIEND of
HPB, someone who praised her in print during her lifetime and
who was treated with respect and honor by her, in ISIS. There
was never any negative communication by either one about the
other AFAIK. So the kind of motivation to manufacture false
accusations, that is enmity and desire for fame, that might be
hypothesized about Solovyov, Coulombs, and Coleman, is not
present in his case. I know nothing about Wolff.

Yes, I've read the Coulomb pamphlet, in Bombay, and found a
fascinating bit of evidence in it: HPB's declaration to Alexis C.
that one of her Masters was in Paris at the time of writing
(summer 1884) and another was expected to be in London at some
unspecified future date.

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