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Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 14, 1998 06:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Theosophy introduces the concept that universal Law (Karma)
>operates on the moral plane (which is not defined, though the
>legislation efforts of most countries try to make those tenets of
>behavior and fairness between persons precise, and, usually

I personally don't believe in a "moral plane" but who knows?
I see karma as "a" universal law, not "the" universal law.
Maybe thats our problem?

>I am of the persuasion that the Inner Self, is that "immortal"
>and that the incarnated mind/soul is one of the actors most
>engaged in assuring itself of the actuality of evolution and all
>its many ramifications, rules, regulations, etc... So that
>Universality and Impersonality, as well as Compassion and
>Generosity would be the best ideals to try to use.

Can could any theosophist argue with this?

>Now, if everything would be a "Chaos," then what would be the
>purpose to waste time and energy on seeking to make order or
>sense out of it?

Thats like asking whats the purpose of life when it always ends
in death? I don't think such a question has any rational/logical
answer. Does light/order rise up from darkness/chaos, or is it
the other way around? Or do, perhaps, they come into existence

>Maybe that is the source of adopting a
>"personal God," which by being placed "outside" of the Universe
>as its "Regent," gives us a sense of fatalism and
>irresponsibility. How much harder, then is it to adopt the
>concept of continuing and very actual self-responsibility ?

But I can't see much difference between God and Karma the
way you seem to want to define Karma. "Its your karma" is
not far from "Its God's will." Neither make much sense to me,
and both are out of my hands to do much about (prayer and
good deeds perhaps, but these lack self-responsibility and
play on feeding the ego).

Jerry S.

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