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Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 14, 1998 11:24 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 13-14 1998

Dear Jerry:

Several MSGs to answer came from you based on a positing of mine


A quote comes to mind: "A chaos to the senses, a cosmos to the
reason." As I view it, unless there was a vast array of
interacting laws we could not exist. You might say that your
Universe is what you see and build, and mine, is mine, and so on.
However a consensus would seem to demonstrate that this plurality
merges into a unity of perception and an agreement of
descriptions ( making allowance for gaps in time and place, as
well as point of view )

However no one can prevent anyone else from believing that chaos
is. My point was simply one of balance. In a polar situation,
where contrast is perceptible, only that which is remote from the
acting of that vibration (between the poles of force, energy,
life, etc...) can perceive it with the greatest degree of

You may fly, physically, to Los Angeles where I live, but only a
person detached from both of us would see the motion and the
relativity of our physical positions as they change.

As to thought, I would say that it is far quicker and more
subtle. But as most people hold dialogs within themselves as to
the suitability of a choice of course of action, it would seem
that there are polar views in operation as to the potential
effects of adoption any particular action. But who is it who
views both, and watches (or listens to ) the dialog ?

Theosophy introduces the concept that universal Law (Karma)
operates on the moral plane (which is not defined, though the
legislation efforts of most countries try to make those tenets of
behavior and fairness between persons precise, and, usually

I am personally aware at all times of the fact that there are
ideal ways to think, behave, act --- and that most other ways
fail in being fair at some point. Self-interest,
self-preservation, or whatnot intervenes, and "muddies the
water." (I mean thinking). Basically, we cannot easily think of
all others as our brothers and sisters even if they are not born
of closely related parentage. And sometimes we have the most
trouble with close relatives whose way of living we cannot
endorse, or even understand, but which we may be forced to
witness (or endure) at close range because of the blood-relation.
But if reincarnation of an immortal Spirit/Soul is a fact , our
string of relatives and brothers and sisters may actually be

I am of the persuasion that the Inner Self, is that "immortal"
and that the incarnated mind/soul is one of the actors most
engaged in assuring itself of the actuality of evolution and all
its many ramifications, rules, regulations, etc... So that
Universality and Impersonality, as well as Compassion and
Generosity would be the best ideals to try to use.

But of course, I may be wrong, and this is a matter of continuing
search and verification for all of us, in one way or another.

Now, if everything would be a "Chaos," then what would be the
purpose to waste time and energy on seeking to make order or
sense out of it? Maybe that is the source of adopting a
"personal God," which by being placed "outside" of the Universe
as its "Regent," gives us a sense of fatalism and
irresponsibility. How much harder, then is it to adopt the
concept of continuing and very actual self-responsibility ?


Duality or Trinity -- well I seem to have allowed myself to
deal with that also, above.

Eternity ? Well, what about the "scientific atom," which is
presumed to be eternally in motion and indestructible
(normally) -- when did it start, and when will it end, and what
are we going to do (in thought) about the uncountable mass of
various kinds of atoms, that make up molecules, cells, crystals,
amorphous bodies, "earth-solids," water-liquids, air-gases, and
ether-an unknown but necessary idea/principle.

In short the whole of manifestation.


TIME and the "Present"

I fully agree with you as to its tenuous nature, serving only to
join the "past" and the "future."

However that joining is dynamic, not static (except for purposes
of analysis) -- it is this dynamism I am interested in

Behind the "dynamism" is sense a purpose. Not the result of any
Great being willing that such and such occur -- but that all
beings, manifest or unmanifest share in a conjoint urge to
progression in consciousness, perhaps.

Will need more time to think on this.


The Hinayana or Theravada does, not, as I read it and understand
it, have the sweep and comprehensive basis of explanation that
the Mahayana system has. It teaches ethics and generosity,
brotherhood and the companionship and sharing of personal assets
with others, as though they were in fact brothers and sisters
that belong to one vast Family: the Family of Man.

I find that wonderfully grand and exhilarating. At last there
appears the glow of a reason for living as we do and thinking
about life as e are now doing.



I don't think there is any essential difference between our
UNITY. Perhaps it is only a difference in perspective -- we may
have different approaches. It is better that way, as a parallax
gives greater mobility and increases the probability of accuracy.
In the SD I 273 (top of the page) HPB speaks of the many
thousands of adepts and chelas who have studied Nature for many
generations so as to demonstrate to themselves the lore of the
past. In part we are doing this now.



I do not think that any one point ever returns upon itself, as
time and space make for a difference between "start" and
'ending" -- perhaps the spring-like, spiral indicates that the
dimensions of time and of effect need to be added to our three
dimensional space so that the moral linkage between cause and
effect can be seen. ? Maybe ?


Well does this in any way help ? Come back with more, this is

 Thanks Dal.

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