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Man as Social Animal

Apr 13, 1998 06:45 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-04-13 00:44:31 EDT, Bjorn wrote:

<< Why then, would it be wrong for
 truth seekers to get together in communities, groups, organizations? >>

You are right, there is certainly nothing wrong with forming groups. All
anthropologists would agree that human beings are social animals, a fact that
K refused to recognize !!! In India, like-minded people gather together
because of shared spiritual interests and the process is called SATANG.

I am thankful to organizations like the Theosophical Sociey, U.L.T., the
A.R.E., the Self-Realization Fellowship, the Vedanta Society, the
Rosicrucians, an assortment of churches and other groups too numerous to
mention for organizing and publishing the teachings of their various founders.
Without their efforts, we probably wouldn't even be discussing the topics we
discuss on this list.

PS. I would also like to thank Rohit Mehta and the much maligned Rajagopal for
"organizing" Krishnamurti's truth.


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