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Act Newsletter

Apr 13, 1998 09:09 AM
by Ken Malkin


Your questioning everyone's reality is well and truly done. Likewise
Bart's response is
astute, accurate and well put.

Being ACTive in ACT makes speaking to these issues unfair on this list.
You may wish to
look at the ACT-L list, for an ongoing discussion of TSA issues from the
ACT perspective.
Request being added to the list at: No subject then in the body, subscribe
act-l (your name).

Usually, private posting to any ACT member should prove no problem if
you wish to deal with
specific questions.

I am taking the liberty of forwarding the following to Sy Ginsburg for
his perusal.

I for one appreciate your openness and seeking for your truth. One
downer, is your having a
proxy to give. Current TSA by-laws prevent your voting if you are not a
member for two years.

Ken Malkin

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