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Re:K's views on TS

Apr 13, 1998 06:17 AM
by Rodolfo Don

>M K Ramadoss wrote (quoting Wood):
>> Several times I discussed with Krishnamurti the function of the Theosophical
>> Society. He said: " You cannot organize truth."
>This is one of many similar, in my opinion, pretty stupid, statements that
>K was
>fond of making. Obviously he made this statement to point out the lacking
>usefulness of the TS. Did TS try to organize truth? Not that I know. TS
>was and
>is an organization promoting the search for truth. If the Truth is at the core
>of life, perhaps even its essence, then truth has organized itself.
>Creation is
>a manifestation of Truth and is wonderfully organized. The human body is
>wonderfully organized. No society can exist without organization. Order
>(organization) is the first law of creation. Without order and organization
>there would be no meaningful manifestation. Why then, would it be wrong for
>truth seekers to get together in communities, groups, organizations? I see the
>K's statement " You cannot organize truth"
>as an example of what I call his arrogance.

Of course that nobody can organize truth. That is precisely what happens
with religions. They create a creed and claim that the creed is the truth.
Truth only reveals to the individual that really hungers for it and cannot
be communicated. It demands direct perception. That is why it cannot be



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