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Re:K's views on TS

Apr 12, 1998 08:37 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

M K Ramadoss wrote (quoting Wood):

> Several times I discussed with Krishnamurti the function of the Theosophical
> Society. He said: " You cannot organize truth."

This is one of many similar, in my opinion, pretty stupid, statements that K was
fond of making. Obviously he made this statement to point out the lacking
usefulness of the TS. Did TS try to organize truth? Not that I know. TS was and
is an organization promoting the search for truth. If the Truth is at the core
of life, perhaps even its essence, then truth has organized itself. Creation is
a manifestation of Truth and is wonderfully organized. The human body is
wonderfully organized. No society can exist without organization. Order
(organization) is the first law of creation. Without order and organization
there would be no meaningful manifestation. Why then, would it be wrong for
truth seekers to get together in communities, groups, organizations? I see the
K's statement " You cannot organize truth"
as an example of what I call his arrogance.

> " People can be impersonal with reference to soap and matches," was the
> substance of his reply, " but your society proposes to deal with man
> himself, and you will find that people simply will not face the truth with
> reference to themselves."

Not everybody at the same time, but more and more of us, gradually, will face
the truth about ourselves. Again, K's answer was, IMO, arrogant and judgmental.

> I had still to learn that there are no truth-seekers, because really to want
> it would be to have it: it is because we do not really want it that we are
> what we are, embodiments of wanting something less.

We are complex beings. Many of us have a genuine desire for truth, but we are
still in the process of ridding ourselves of lesser desires. So, it is not
correct to say that there are no 4ruth seekers. We grow in our desire and search
for truth.


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