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Re:Decline and expansion

Apr 08, 1998 04:52 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Bart Lidofsky <> writes
>Note a lot of Wiccan rituals come from co-Masonic rituals created by CWL

Can you verify this? Co-Masonic rituals that I have participated in are
so similar to English Grand Lodge masonic rituals as to make little
difference to the substance thereof. In addition, the co-masonic order is
an offshoot from French freemasonry, and to this day has nothing to do
directly with the TS or CWL, although members of the TS may
sometimes be co-masons. In my old lodge (which had about 30
*active* members, only two of us were co-masons, and this had no
effect upon our TS connections whatever.
A.M.Bain, D.D.

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