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Re:Decline and expansion

Apr 08, 1998 07:34 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> Bjorn Roxendal <> writes
> >Mebership figures are membership figures.
> >
> >The value of world service is very hard to estimate and compare.
> Indeed! Like many a soul before me I left the Adyar TS because of
> disillusionment with the *organisation* - not with its original purposes.
> There are likely more theosophists *outside* the institutions than in
> them!

It may be that Theosophy in its organized form is not a smashing success. All
the politics, infighting, fractionalization and power struggles make it hard for
the organization(s) to be a dynamic spiritual force. But, I am amazed at how
theosophical ideas have permeated many fields of thinking and culture. Theosophy
(unorganized) has certainly opened doors to new and higher levels of
civilization. The Theosophical impulse, as it was originated through HPB, and
continued through CWL, Besant and others, has been enormously successful. Not
that it has accomplished its goals, but its seeds have been planted and grown
and are bearing fruit daily in a myriad ways.

This is what I think is important for us as theosophists today. Not to limit
ourselves to life in organizational forms that have outlived their usefulness,
but to aggressively apply Theosophy in any and all phases of life where we
happen to be active.


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