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Re:Different Editions of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 08, 1998 04:23 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Eldon wrote:
>The edition of the SD that I've been using is by the Theosophical
>Publishing House. The T.S. Adyar puts it out. It was edited by
>Boris de Zirkoff, with all quotations corrected to the original
>sources cited, and other corrections added as Boris deemed
It is difficult to understand why Boris de Zirkoff deemed it necessary to
alter the symbols so much in size on pages 4 and 5 of the PROEM, and why in
the 3rd symbol he changes the diameter into an elongated H, and why he
deemed it necessary to put a dot inside the 12th symbol, the five-pointed
star reversed. Also why did he alter the spelling of the word disc (before
the 1st symbol, and after the 2nd symbol) to disk?
On page 3 HPB differentiates between Kosmos ("the NOUMENON") and Cosmos
("With regard to its body or Cosmic organization"). Why also shouldn't
there be a similar differentiation between disk with a "k" (page 1) and disc
with a "c" (page 4), especially as the latter is illustrated (its body) and
it is now page 4. On page 1 "Kosmos in Eternity" - NOUMENON. Thus begins
the vast difference between the ORIGINAL SD of HPB and the Masters, and
Boris de Zirkoff's Secret Doctrine.

>The edition is considered a part of the Collected
>Writings of HPB series, although it's not a numbered volume.
>Besides the citations being corrected, the quotes in the text
>are set apart typographically, in smaller type, making it easier
>to see, in reading the book, where HPB is quoting someone, and
>where she is writing herself.

Best wishes

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