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"Eureka! We have gotten a Revelation from the Lord!"

Apr 07, 1998 11:07 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell


In 1882, Mahatma K.H. wrote to A.P. Sinnett as follows:

"Vainly do your modern seers and their prophetesses,
creep into every cleft and crevice without outlet
or continuity they chance to see; and still more
vainly, when once within do they lift up their voices
and loudly cry: "Eureka! We have gotten a
Revelation from the Lord!" -- for verily have they nothing of
the kind. They have disturbed but bats, less blind
than their intruders; who, feeling them flying about,
mistake them as often for angels -- as they
too, have wings! . . ."

". . . You know, S[tainton] Moses, and you know [Edward]
Maitland and Mrs. [Anna] K[ingsford] personally. And, you
have heard of and read about a good many [other] Seers, in the
past and present centuries, such as Swedenborg, Boehme,
and others. Not one among the number but thoroughly
honest, sincere, and as intelligent, as well
educated; aye, even learned. Each of them in addition
to these qualities, has or had . . . a
"Guardian" and a Revelator -- under whatever "mystery"
and "mystic name" -- whose mission it is -- or has
been to spin out to his spiritual ward -- a new system
embracing all the details of the world of Spirit. Tell me,
my friend, do you know of two that agree? And why,
since truth is one, and that putting entirely the
question of discrepancies in details aside -- we do
not find them agreeing even upon the most vital
problems -- those that have either "to be, or
not to be" -- and of which there can be no two
solutions? . . ."

>From The Mahatma Letters, Letter No. 48 (in 1st,
2nd & 3rd editions)

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