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Re:Different Editions of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 08, 1998 06:53 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


>We have been holding a weekly study class in Malibu in the SD for
>over a year now and Eldon Tucker has been coming. he brings with
>him a paper bound SD published by TUP in Pasadena. When its his
>turn to read there are differences heard as compared with the
>photographic edition of the SD that ULT publishes. When asked he
>made that statement. I used it without further checking.

The edition of the SD that I've been using is by the Theosophical
Publishing House. The T.S. Adyar puts it out. It was edited by
Boris de Zirkoff, with all quotations corrected to the original
sources cited, and other corrections added as Boris deemed
necessary. The edition is considered a part of the Collected
Writings of HPB series, although it's not a numbered volume.
Besides the citations being corrected, the quotes in the text
are set apart typographically, in smaller type, making it easier
to see, in reading the book, where HPB is quoting someone, and
where she is writing herself.

-- Eldon

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