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Re:Different Editions of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 08, 1998 04:39 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 8th

Dear Daniel:

Thanks for the correction.

We have been holding a weekly study class in Malibu in the SD for
over a year now and Eldon Tucker has been coming. he brings with
him a paper bound SD published by TUP in Pasadena. When its his
turn to read there are differences heard as compared with the
photographic edition of the SD that ULT publishes. When asked he
made that statement. I used it without further checking. I did
not know that the TUP had also published a "photographic reprint
of the 1888 SD.

I must say I am now really confused, but will ask him when next
we meet.

Nice to hear from you, and thanks again.

 Best wishes to you, as always, Dal

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