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Re:Krishnamurti and theosophists, pro & con

Apr 07, 1998 06:52 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>At 09:20 AM 4/7/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 98-04-06 23:59:47 EDT, Govert wrote:
>><< Personally I think that K's failure to qualify for vehicle
for Maitreya
>>and his denouncements of the Masters and theosophy, created so
much confusion
>>within theosophical circles that it started the decline of the
TS. That the
>>TS did not fold completely is not due to K challenging beliefs
and concepts,
>>but to the fact that it
>> was already a viable organization with a body of very relevant
>>and the backing of the Masters. Rather than vitalizing the TS
I am afraid
>>that the teachings of K sap its strength. The TS is not aware
of this,
>>because it is still in a state of shock and denial regarding
what really
>>happened. >>
>>I agree with the above. I noticed when I visited Australia two
years ago, the
>>TS there was split into a pro-Krishnamurti school and a
pro-Geoffrey Hodson,
>>CWL, AB school, the Krishnamurti-ites being ensconced at Nat'l
HQ in downtown
>>Sydney and the neo-theosophists centered around The Manor.
>It is not surprising at all. On the one hand, we those of the
>approach and "Non-Catholic" approach, former belonging to the
traditional TS
>approach especially after AB&CWL. [I will post a lecture on this
topic by
>Besant after a week.]
>One can sense this same kind of attitudes in the TSA also. At
least in the
>TSA we have not gotten to the level of two schools ensconced at
>buildings. [Don't be surprised if this happens!]
>The fact that Radha Burnier had known him all her life and of
course she
>must have been affected by his teachings may have something to
do about the
>shift in emphasis within TS. It was at K's urging, Radha Burnier
ran for the
>office of International President and won.
>Several years ago my brother visited Krotona and when he
inquired about
>directions to KFA he could did not get any help. Ojai is not a
big place and
>KFA is perhaps most well known organization there.
>>I have problems with Krishnamurti myself. He was an alleged
"non-guru" with
>>tens of thousands of devotees. He rejected the TS yet he always
>>centers conveniently located near major TS compounds, Ojai and
Adyar being
>The location of these institutions are historical. K never had a
hand in
>location of Ojai or Adyar. Ojai property was originally donated
by TS
>member and the Adyar property was built, I think by the Star
Trust. I would
>not read too much into it. For example there is the Rishi Valley
>which is quite far from Adyar and has been in existence for a
long time.
>>His approach is basically that of a southern Buddhist, the
neti-neti path (God
>>is not this, God is not that). This is the most difficult of
all paths to
>>follow in my opinion. The iti-iti path of "God is this, God is
that" is
>>easier. It leads to bhakti yoga, devotion to God in one's
favourite form,
>>whether it be an avatar or guru. I realize that the two paths
are a matter of
>> Krishnamurti complained in his last days that no one
understood his
>>philosophy (from Radha Schloss' book). People used to come to
me with the same
>>complaint and I told them I couldn't help them because I didn't
understand it
>>either. I finally got a better grasp of his teachings after
reading Rohit
>It took me almost two decades to get an inkling of what he is
>>Krishnamurti had a perfect right to expound and dispense his
philosophy, and
>>they're many people, including some on this List, who think
highly of him. But
>>or me, well, his teachings aren't my cup of tea frankly. I
think there were
>>many theosophists who felt the same way. Many acknowledge that
he created a
>>great division in the TS which is still healing.
>As I had mentioned earlier, if his message means something to
anyone, then
>that is of value to that person. After all we are all searching
>hopefully we will understand better.
consisting of

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