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Re:Krishnamurti and theosophists, pro & con

Apr 07, 1998 08:31 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:20 AM 4/7/98 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-04-06 23:59:47 EDT, Govert wrote:
><< Personally I think that K's failure to qualify for vehicle for Maitreya
>and his denouncements of the Masters and theosophy, created so much confusion
>within theosophical circles that it started the decline of the TS. That the
>TS did not fold completely is not due to K challenging beliefs and concepts,
>but to the fact that it
> was already a viable organization with a body of very relevant literature
>and the backing of the Masters. Rather than vitalizing the TS I am afraid
>that the teachings of K sap its strength. The TS is not aware of this,
>because it is still in a state of shock and denial regarding what really
>happened. >>
>I agree with the above. I noticed when I visited Australia two years ago, the
>TS there was split into a pro-Krishnamurti school and a pro-Geoffrey Hodson,
>CWL, AB school, the Krishnamurti-ites being ensconced at Nat'l HQ in downtown
>Sydney and the neo-theosophists centered around The Manor.

It is not surprising at all. On the one hand, we those of the "Catholic"
approach and "Non-Catholic" approach, former belonging to the traditional TS
approach especially after AB&CWL. [I will post a lecture on this topic by
Besant after a week.]

One can sense this same kind of attitudes in the TSA also. At least in the
TSA we have not gotten to the level of two schools ensconced at two
buildings. [Don't be surprised if this happens!]

The fact that Radha Burnier had known him all her life and of course she
must have been affected by his teachings may have something to do about the
shift in emphasis within TS. It was at K's urging, Radha Burnier ran for the
office of International President and won.

Several years ago my brother visited Krotona and when he inquired about
directions to KFA he could did not get any help. Ojai is not a big place and
KFA is perhaps most well known organization there.

>I have problems with Krishnamurti myself. He was an alleged "non-guru" with
>tens of thousands of devotees. He rejected the TS yet he always maintained
>centers conveniently located near major TS compounds, Ojai and Adyar being

The location of these institutions are historical. K never had a hand in
location of Ojai or Adyar. Ojai property was originally donated by TS
member and the Adyar property was built, I think by the Star Trust. I would
not read too much into it. For example there is the Rishi Valley school
which is quite far from Adyar and has been in existence for a long time.

>His approach is basically that of a southern Buddhist, the neti-neti path (God
>is not this, God is not that). This is the most difficult of all paths to
>follow in my opinion. The iti-iti path of "God is this, God is that" is
>easier. It leads to bhakti yoga, devotion to God in one's favourite form,
>whether it be an avatar or guru. I realize that the two paths are a matter of
> Krishnamurti complained in his last days that no one understood his
>philosophy (from Radha Schloss' book). People used to come to me with the same
>complaint and I told them I couldn't help them because I didn't understand it
>either. I finally got a better grasp of his teachings after reading Rohit

It took me almost two decades to get an inkling of what he is talking.

>Krishnamurti had a perfect right to expound and dispense his philosophy, and
>they're many people, including some on this List, who think highly of him. But
>or me, well, his teachings aren't my cup of tea frankly. I think there were
>many theosophists who felt the same way. Many acknowledge that he created a
>great division in the TS which is still healing.

As I had mentioned earlier, if his message means something to anyone, then
that is of value to that person. After all we are all searching and
hopefully we will understand better.


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